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Domestic Distribution

Distribution of goods within India has always been a challenge to Logistics Companies - primarily due to the large distances, inhospitable terrain, poor highway infrastructure, an over-stretched Railway network and a myriad of State and Central Excise Laws.

Many Companies still rely on conventional truckers to move their goods from one point to another. Not only is the delivery cycle sometimes long, but expensive, unreliable and completely unfocussed on meeting customer needs.

Red Eagle entered the market with unmatched experience in International Distribution which is very customer focussed and driven by customer requirements. Red Eagle went about setting up a Domestic Distribution Network in India, which relies on strategic alliances with top of the class service providers (rail, truck and warehousing) who are committed to work as per performance standards set by Red Eagle.

Complex distribution models were created and studied using multimodal means of transportation - a combination of Truck, Rail and Air coupled with the traditional Hub and Spoke System - to achieve the right balance between cost and reliability, eventually offering the best processes and systems to our clients.

Domestic Distribution Services Offered:

  • Consultancy in reviewing current distribution processes
  • Management of distribution networks of companies
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