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Logistics Management

We conceptualise and implement optimised solutions in logistics and supply chain management, keeping in mind current regulatory requirements, while exploiting the evolving technology in material handling and information processing. We at Red Eagle treat logistics solutions as a three phase exercise

In the first phase, we begin by gathering information - over phone or E-mail. (At your discretion, this can be followed by a month of free consulting and electronic reporting with no obligation.) This allows us to get a second feed of data from your existing carrier/s to begin analysis, without making any changes to your current shipping or payment operations. Our analysis will focus on the key areas effecting distribution costs, system efficiency, and reliability.

The next stage would see us presenting our findings along with our proposed solutions. Solutions aimed both at bridging the existing gaps in performance, and on tapping any opportunities that may arise in the distribution system.

The implementation stage would be the final step. We can take direct responsibility for implementing all our solutions. And monitoring the outcome for any fine-tuning that may be required. To ensure that you get the maximum benefit from our association

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